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An Ocean of Ice - Ceramic pot

The glaze in this piece is unusual. It’s just one glaze, but when it’s thick it’s dark green, getting to a lighter green when a bit thinner; then becoming medium blue to light blue when it’s very thin. I got the variation in color by using a cut stencil to mask off part of each section and then brushing on the glaze. Then I moved the stencil up, so part was getting a second brushed coat, and part was getting its first brushed coat. Then, starting from the bottom, I sprayed the same glaze, tapering off at the top. So in some places the glaze is much thicker than in other places. This glaze is also rather porous, especially where the glaze is thinner. So to get more dynamic movement I brushed a very small amount of lightly-pigmented wax encaustic in some places. This was possible because the glaze is so porous. You can read more about this piece at An Ocean of Fire.

20″ x 10″

Porcelain with Matte Glaze and Wax Encaustic

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