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Flying to the Inside - Ceramic pot

This is the first of three similar works. You can also see the second piece, Flying to the Inside 2 (Water), as well as the third in the series, Flying to the Inside 3 (Forest). In all of these pieces, bird-like shapes repeat in a pattern following the form of the vessel. In this first piece, one diagonal swath emerges from the vessel wall, with the bird shapes starting to separate from the wall, almost leaving its grasp. Then the birds go back into the wall, continuing their flight “to the inside”. It is a “bio-geometry” of three-dimensional tessellations that leads the eye back to the inside of the vessel. The lower section of the composition suggests the source from which the birds fly, in this case a stone outcropping or mountain. The two sections are displayed on a platform of black granite.

27″ x 16″

Glazed Stoneware on Granite Base

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