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From the Depths - Ceramic pot
From the Depths - Ceramic pot
From the Depths - Ceramic pot

As much movement as there is in this piece, it still has a solidity. Though the movement goes both up and down, it seems to especially suggest movement up, “from the depths.”

A note on color: It’s extraordinary how different glazed pieces look in different light, especially between artificial and strong sunlight. Glazes have a high content of glass, so strong sunlight makes the colors pop. Colors are actually truer to how the eye sees them in strong sunlight, with the whole spectrum showing. “Up from the Depths” has both blue/greens and blue/purples, as well as some very dark blues and some off-white and ochre. Under photo lights and after adjusting the color, it still looks more green than it is. In indoor, dimmer light, though, the piece will look predominantly blue/green, while in strong sunlight, the blue/purples will be more visible. This shot taken with my iPhone in bright sunlight shows this shift in color.

15″ x 12.5″

Glazed Stoneware

Private Collection

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