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Quintile - Ceramic pot

There are three pieces that I used this pattern on — Quintile, Tertile, and Cardinal Directions. Quintile and Tertile used square grids, while “Cardinal Directions” used a horizontal rectangular grid. This one, Quintile, had 10 vertical lines in the grid, so it divides the piece into fifths. (From the top it has a pentagonal shape). Tertile had 6 verticals in the grid, so from the top it’s somewhat triangular, and the sections are larger. Cardinal Directions had 8 verticals in the grid, so it divides into quarters (hence “Cardinal Directions”). Since the grid had horizontal rectangles it meant that the pattern in “Cardinal Directions” is stretched horizontally, giving it a very different look that the others in this series.

9″ x 8.5″

Glazed Stoneware

Private Collection

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