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A Journey to the Ocean Inside 2 - Ceramic pot

This phrase repeats on a diagonal around this piece, but the diagonal lines are staggered. One line repeats the phrase twice. The next one starts with “Inside” and then continues, “A Journey to the Ocean Inside-A Journey to the Ocean.” So at the top, if you follow around the opening it says, “Ocean Inside Ocean Inside Ocean Inside, etc.” In the gallery section there is another piece like this but smaller. It was the first one that I made with this phrase. To get this depth in the relief I have used the same techniques demonstrated in the video in the Artist’s Statement section, but each letter is moved in or out from the wall of the thrown form. This piece has platinum luster on the letters at the top, decreasing as they go down the side.

16″ x 14.5″

Glazed Stoneware, Platinum Luster

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