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Refracted Journeys 1 Front - Ceramic pot

Refracted Journeys

This is the first piece completed in what I hope will be an installation of 20 to 30 unique artworks titled “Refracted Journeys”. My work is hybrid, somewhere between craft and fine art. I use the vessel form not because…

He Becomes an Angel - Ceramic pot

Two new pieces in “Give Me Wings” at FRANK

Moths and butterflies, hummingbirds, crows, blue jays, cicadas and katydids; ladybugs and June bugs, airplanes, helicopters, gliders, parachutes, rockets, bats and batman, owls, angels, bees, dragons and dragonflies, pegasus and icarus. These things have captured our minds and our hearts.…

“Flying to the Inside” at FRANK

On Friday, May 11, FRANK Gallery's show, A Sense of Place, opened. This is how the show is described: A place is not an idea, but it may contain one. A place is real, not virtual. It has seasons, elements, stone,…

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