“Refracted Journeys: Portraits” Finally Displayed as an Installation

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While the first day of the annual Orange County Open Studio Tour was rainy, by the second day (Sunday, Nov. 8) I was finally able to display a small installation of my ongoing project, “Refracted Journeys: Portraits”. With 10 pieces now completed, I arranged the portraits in a spiral by age, starting with children and leading to elderly subjects, suggesting direction. My very different piece, “A Journey to the Ocean Inside” anchored the center of the spiral, resting like a blue pearl at the end of the journey. It was exciting and gratifying to finally be able to see some of these very unusual works in a way that I had always intended, as an installed group. Many people who visited my studio during the Tour seemed interested and engaged with the project. Having an installation also underscored the Tour as a time for “Open Studio.” We always like to sell art, but it’s also a great opportunity to invite people in to see your studio, talk with you about your techniques and your ideas, and just find out what you’re up to. Now it’s time for me to complete the next 10 or 15 pieces to reach the goal of having between 20 and 30 for a larger installation. You can read more about this project on the last blog post. You can also watch a video interview from the Wacqueline Stern Show in which I discuss this project at some length.


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“Of the Earth” at the Campbell House Galleries in Southern Pines

The Arts Council of Moore County will be hosting a show of my ceramic work, accompanied by the paintings and prints of Miriam Sagasti and Delia Keefe. If you’ve never been to the Campbell House, you should take a little time and drive down. It’s a beautiful space, with two rooms for display, surrounded by lovely gardens. There will be an opening reception from 6:00 to 8:00 pm on Friday, January 4. The show will be up from January 4 to January 25. The Campbell House is located at: 482 East Connecticut Ave., Southern Pines, NC 28388. I hope to see you there!



Two new pieces in “Give Me Wings” at FRANK

Moths and butterflies, hummingbirds, crows, blue jays, cicadas and katydids; ladybugs and June bugs, airplanes, helicopters, gliders, parachutes, rockets, bats and batman, owls, angels, bees, dragons and dragonflies, pegasus and icarus. These things have captured our minds and our hearts. Humans have always reached to the skies – we love the creatures that fly, and try our hardest to follow them.”

"He Becomes an Angel"

This is the gist of FRANK’S current show, “Give Me Wings”, that will be up through September 9. I have two new pieces in the show. “He Becomes an Angel” is a meditation on the fragile nature of the body and the transformation of the soul. With glaze on the inside of the vessel form, it is painted on the outside with wax encaustic and finished with 24 carat gold leaf.

Another new piece in FRANK’S show is the second in my “Flying to the Inside” series. This one features water at the bottom, with bird forms flying up, into the “inside”. You can read more about both of these pieces in the New Work section of my site.

Another wonderful exhibition by both FRANK artists and invitees, you can check out photos of the show at FRANK’S Facebook page. And don’t miss Mark Elliot’s Featured Artist section at the back of the gallery. Using different media, Mark just keeps surprising us with his varied and interesting takes on his signature style.

Mark Elliott's Show at FRANK (photo by B. Tyroler)

“Flying to the Inside” at FRANK

On Friday, May 11, FRANK Gallery’s show, A Sense of Place, opened. This is how the show is described:

“A place is not an idea, but it may contain one.  A place is real, not virtual.  It has seasons, elements, stone, breezes, water.   We come from a place or we leave one.  Memory calls to mind a place that is ours, a place we might have lost.  A place has form, material; it is not abstract; in fact, it defends us against abstraction.  A place is never generic.  A place has smells, edges, its own light, bitter or sweet.   A place is not memorized, it is remembered.  No one place is like another; it exists for itself, it its own meaning.   A place calls to us.  If we never have a place, we will invent one; we have to.  Without a place we may as well live in a laboratory under fluorescent lights.”

My new piece, “Flying to the Inside” (see left and also in New Work) is featured in the show. It’s a great exhibit, with work by a number of FRANK artists as well as some invited specifically for this show—William Moore (sculpture), Henry Link (painting), Brooks de Wetter Smith (videography), Frank Hunter (photography), Nick Read (painting), and Luke Buchanan (painting).

This month FRANK also features the wonderful work of Jean LeCluyse. Don’t miss it. She started her art career doing botanical illustration and now carries those amazing skills into more imaginative subject matter. Unbelievable work! Jean will be talking about her art at the gallery on Thursday, May 17, around 6:00 pm. You can catch Jean’s work for the rest of May, and the Sense of Place Show will be at FRANK, 109 East Franklin Street through July 8.

Jean LeCluyse, "Heirophany"




Welcome to my new, improved website, Earth Embracing Space: Ceramic Art by Judith Ernst! Having dithered about this upgrade for at least two years, I’m very happy to have moved to It’s a great option that provides customizable templates, or themes, great functionality for galleries, and the ability to manage my site on my own. Having said that, I want to thank my super-competant consultant, Charlotte Lloyd. She was able to get me up to speed on the basics of WordPress, setting up some of the initial pages and sorting out the anomalies of this theme so that I could more or less create what I had in mind. She was also able to tweak the code and trouble-shoot when I ran into problems. So take some time and poke around on the site and see how it works.

As for the blog, I don’t expect I’ll be writing much, though I may occasionally post something topical. Mostly, the blog will function as an events calendar and to draw attention to new pieces or series that have been added to my website.

Another great thing about WordPress is that it will make it so much easier for me to add links, upload new images, add pages, or change text. So I expect that this new website will be much more dynamic than the old one. Stay tuned!