“Refracted Journeys: Portraits” Finally Displayed as an Installation

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While the first day of the annual Orange County Open Studio Tour was rainy, by the second day (Sunday, Nov. 8) I was finally able to display a small installation of my ongoing project, “Refracted Journeys: Portraits”. With 10 pieces now completed, I arranged the portraits in a spiral by age, starting with children and leading to elderly subjects, suggesting direction. My very different piece, “A Journey to the Ocean Inside” anchored the center of the spiral, resting like a blue pearl at the end of the journey. It was exciting and gratifying to finally be able to see some of these very unusual works in a way that I had always intended, as an installed group. Many people who visited my studio during the Tour seemed interested and engaged with the project. Having an installation also underscored the Tour as a time for “Open Studio.” We always like to sell art, but it’s also a great opportunity to invite people in to see your studio, talk with you about your techniques and your ideas, and just find out what you’re up to. Now it’s time for me to complete the next 10 or 15 pieces to reach the goal of having between 20 and 30 for a larger installation. You can read more about this project on the last blog post. You can also watch a video interview from the Wacqueline Stern Show in which I discuss this project at some length.


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